What is InfoCaption?

InfoCaption is a complete solution for creating, sharing and finding what you and your organization needs to do your daily work tasks. You create guides in different formats and share to your coworkers or customers. The guides are easily found when needed by those who wonder how - for instance through search pages, courses, links or as embedded objects in an intranet.


Studies show that we every day use an incredible amount of time, searching for the information we need to do our job.


of the employees have to search in four different systems until they find the correct information


of a normal workday are being spent on looking for and withholding information


of the time the employees search for information, they do not find what they are looking for

From a study by IDC

"InfoCaption is the center of information sharing in Kumla Municipality"

Håkan Cederqvist 
IKT-educator, Kumla Municipality