Customer stories

Many of our customers have had such great success with the use of InfoCaption in their organization that they like to share their experiences with others. The exciting thing is that many of them have very different stories to tell. Read some of them here.

Support in daily learning

InfoCaption is the hub of information dissemination in the municipality of Kumla. Here are guides and courses on everything from what you need to know as a new employee to how healthcare professionals write an implementation plan. The range of guides is constantly expanded and built up by the expertise available in each business. With InfoCaption, our employees save time - both those looking for information and those who want to share their knowledge.

Håkan Cederqvist
Kumla kommun


Introduce new employees smarter and more efficiently

Coor has previously hired staff whose job was to train new employees in processes and operating systems. With InfoCaption, the whole training process is achieved digitally. The result was that the time required to train a new employee reduced from four days to one day, and the cost decreased from 603 USD to 75 USD.

We have put together trainingpackages for our users. It is a veryuseful tool because we do nothave to go out to all ouroperations to train staff, but instead can send out digitalguides. We get great feedback, users find it much easierto look at a guide when they have the time and desire, than to go to a joint meeting. The cost of thetool is far outweighed by the re-duction in the number of supportissues - support is money.

Nina Högstedt
IT Service Manager


Constantly give the users of a system the help they need to do their work

With InfoCaption, we have created user guides based on textguides and step-by-stepguides. The guides is available on every page of our solution, in three languages. Together with other measures, this has reduced the number of support requests for the most basic features of the solution. Thus, we can now spend more time lifting our customers to a higher user level on the more complicated issues.

Julie Henriksen


webcruiter bilde

Webcruiter is a recruitment solution with more than 1,400 customers in more than 50 countries. More than 1 million job applications from around the world and in different time zones are processed annually.
With InfoCaption, they have created 700 user guides, which in average are played between 3,000 - 6,000 times each day. Their customers describe it as "world class support"!

Ensure uniform working practices with guides and processes

Lindab has mapped all its operations and has achieved outstanding results. New employees will start operations faster and can maintain their certifications without excessive administrative charges. Everyone in the business knows how they are expected to work and participate in work practices and procedures.

Since we started with InfoCaption, work processes became easier, and we do not need to train staff to the same extent. Due to the simplicity of the tool, we do not require process experts at our company. Anyone who knows how to work in the process can also draw it!

Annica Pettersson
Process Management


Implement changes and ensure the level of knowledge without teacher-led training


Before InfoCaption, we needed our employees to take time off and go down to the Fire Department for fire protection training, which was required every three years. The course that we created with InfoCaption means they can instead participate on their computer when they have time, and we do not need to bring in temps. The council is particularly pleased, and the program is now being used by schools in the area


Jenny Hulander
Development Manager
Ulricehamns kommun


Ulricehamn municipality has been using InfoCaption to create a course for systematic fire prevention. There is a theoretical review of the work of fire prevention work in the community and what applies in the workplace. The content has been developed by the municipal fire prevention officer with the Rescue League. The course ends with a knowledge test with built-in learning - when a user answers a question incorrectly, they are automatically directed to the guides in that area. The course is linked to the local user directory and when the test is approved, the user can print a personal diploma to be taken to the practical training.

Reduce the load on the help desk

At Göteborg City, InfoCaption's support portal is the hub of IT-related issues. As InfoCaption is part of the regular business, usage is increasing continuously and more and more guide producers join. InfoCaption is used in connection with the introduction of new systems as educational material and as documentation. By reusing the Frequently Asked Questions guides when users forget, the organization also has a very big impact on self-service with minimal effort from both users and support. Maintenance is maintained by system administrators, which allows new users to quickly and easily get started with the system, and that answers to questions are always readily available through search pages.


We handle 30% of our support cases each month through guides instead of manual support. Because we have so large volumes it is a very significant part. We are not here around the clock, but we have operations in the city around the clock that needs support in our IT systems. We have been able to deliver good service thanks to the guides.


Nisse Waldefeldt
Managing director Intraservice
Göteborgs stad