Help 24 hours a day

InfoCaption is a platform facilitating the creation and collection of different types of support material, to be shared with both customers and users. We call this material guides and they can be of different sorts, varying from FAQs and text- and photo instructions to step-by-step videos and complete outlines.

Decrease the need for support

By offering simple and easily available guides and outlines to their users many of our customers have decreased the workload for their support services by up to  25-30%.

A guide-type for every situation

Step-by-step guides can describe complicated tasks through videos. Text guides provide possibilities to give even more detailed information, while quick guides describe tasks recorded with your mobile phone. The gathering of all support material in one place makes it as simple as possible for the user, regarding everything from simple support questions to comprehensive educations.

Create quickly

The InfoCaption platform is built to allow fast and easy sharing of instructions and work procedures, regardless of the type of guide you choose to create. The process is straight forward without unnecessary complexity. Those who are used to copying and pasting pictures and text are usually surprised by how much faster it is in many situations to actually record video showing exactly how a task is performed.

Customizable support portal and search pages

Created guides are gathered in a support portal or search page, designed and customized by you according to your organization’s specific needs. Does your organization have different types of users who should have access to different guides? No problem! Through InfoCaption you can create as many portals and search pages as you wish. You can also manage privileges and access to specific guides to assure they are only viewable by users with authorization.

Updates made easy

The fact that guides and instructions need to be maintained and updated is unavoidable, but InfoCaption helps you make this process as smooth as possible. The solution? URL-links! In InfoCaption there’s no need to mess around with files that need to be replaced, re-uploaded and which exist in different versions throughout your system. Each guide is instead given a unique and persistent link, which stays the same even after editing.

Recycle information in your support service

Does your organization answer support queries by using screenshots with red circles and arrows, repeating this process for each individual user with the same question? You are not alone, but that ends with InfoCaption! Creating a video guide is as fast, if not faster, than copying and pasting pictures and text. Not to mention the time and effort saved when the same guide-link can be reused to answer recurring support queries.

Internal knowledge sharing

A huge need in helpdesk is the internal education of both new and existing staff members. By using different types of guides as material the employees can constatly learn in a natural way that is both time saving and cost-effective. Why not let the system administrator create guides that can be used both internally and by the end users?

Increased integration

The possibilities for integration with InfoCaption are vast! Please contact us for advice regarding the integration of InfoCaption in your organization. You can, for example:

  • use SingleSignOn to manage privileges, individual tracking and personal information such as favourites and courses relevant for the user (read more here)
  • integrate search engines through Open Search or API’s
  • Embed entire search pages, search widgets or individual guides on your website or intranet
  • connect guides and search pages directly to “Help”-buttons in your system
  • import and export SCORM-objects

Earn the users’ confidence through high quality

Through a few smart functions you can make sure that the guides in your knowledge platform live up to the quality expected by your users. How about, for example:

  • Setting a validity period for each guide so the producer is notified when the expiration date is approaching
  • Letting guides pass through an administrator for approval before becoming searchable by the users
  • Letting the producer of a guide receive feedback from users

Use statistics for continuous improvement

Through top lists, feedback and search statistics you can make sure the content of your InfoCaption platform is constantly developing in accordance with user needs.

Hundreds of guides from the get-go

With the InfoCaption platform, you are never forced to start from scratch. You are able to freely take part of standard guides created by us for Microsoft Office, Windows and Skype for Business.