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InfoCaption is a complete knowledge support system for producers and distributors of different business- and operation systems. With the help of InfoCaption, those who work with documentation, education, marketing or support can easily produce different types of guides where the users receive step-by-step instructions that show exactly how to solve problems or how a task in a system is performed. InfoCaption thereby reduces the strain on the support team, and creates new possibilities for market communication and education as well as streamlining of internal routines. The idea is to have one central source of information that can be used by all areas of the business.

One system

very produced guide gets a unique ID and a unique url. This means that when the guide needs to be updated, for example in connecation with a new version of a system, you will not need to give the users any new material. The link stays the same! Through the links, the guides can be packaged into courses or be integrated directly into the application or webbsites. The guides can also be connected to knowledge tests to automatically generate a syllabus based on specfic users specfic shortage of knowledge.

InfoCaption keeps track of the relations between the guides, which also allows the system to warn you, if you for example would try to delete a guide that is included in a course.

Quick production

By optimizing workflows and production of guides, InfoCaption creates good conditions to quickly create material and deliver use to your organization.

We all know what challanges are involved in maintain already produced material. InfoCaption offers a number of work flows and support to make this easier.

Different types of guides

Man kan enkelt skapa steg-för-steg-guider för att beskriva en komplicera uppgift, text-guider för att ge detaljerad information eller snabb-guide för att beskriva något praktiskt.




"InfoCaption har reducerat antalet supportärenden som handlar om dom mest grundläggande funktionerna i Webcruiter.", 
- Julie Henriksen, Webcruiter

Knowledge tests

With InfoCaptions knowledge tests, you will make sure that the users have the necessary knowledge through different types of questions. With the help of the module Track, you can also do a follow up on the result on an individual level.

The knowledge tests can also be used for knowledge inventory, to automatically generate a syllabus with different guides based on the knowledge test questions.

Dokumentera processer

Dokumentera och rita processdiagram med olika typer av aktiviteter.

Reduce support

By letting the users themselves easily search for guides and instructions, a lot of time is saved for the helpdesk. Both guides and search pages may well be integrated directly into the application for an even higher accessability. With InfoCaption support portal you have the possibility to present different types of interesting information for the end users in widgets. Search pages and the guide portal can also be integrated with your intranet in different ways, for example by embedding search pages or make use of Open Search, to let Sharepoints search engine search through InfoCaption.

Reord bugs

Incident Recorder hjälper användaren genom att låta användaren spela in ett fel i en applikation och skicka filmen till helpdesk så får supportagenten betydligt högre förståelse för problemet. Denna enkla men väldigt effektiva funktion används också när man testar ett system och blir då en del av testdokumentationen. En utvecklare som får se ett problem i sin helhet har mycket enklare att förstå innehållet och lösa problemet.

Internal knowledge transfer

A huge need in helpdesk is the internal education of both new and existing staff members. By using different types of guides as material the employees can constatly learn in a natural way that is both time saving and cost-effective. Why not let the system administrator create guides that can be used both internally and by the end users?

Support portal

The InfoCaption support portal consists of widgets that easliy can be adjusted depending on your organisation’s needs. It is also possible to have severeal different portals, for different departments in the organisation.

Educational packages

The educational packages are created by picking a number of related guides among those already produced. If the guide is updated, the content of the course is also updated. You can chose to receive individual follow-ups, and also connect it to a knowledge test to check the user’s knowledge.

An example of how it may look: Handbook for new employees

Publish webinars

Med InfoCaption snabbguider kan man enkelt ladda upp en videofilm eller ett inspelat webinarie. Efter uppladdning blir det en guide som kan distribueras och paketeras med alla de möjligheter som finns i plattformen. Gör en översikt som kanske innehåller webinarer, steg-för-steg-guider och dokumentation i form av textguider för att lösa ett större behov.


"Med guidepaket som digitalt stöd förenklar vi implementeringen av UNIT 4 BW hos våra kunder.",
- Agathe Rusås Olsen, Evry


InfoCaption supports a number of different statistics, all the way down to an individual level. By using Track, you can see in what extent users have been watching guides and courses and which knowledge tests they have passed.

Examples of statistics on a guide level:

  • Number of searches
  • Unmatched searches
  • Viewed guides based on administration objectives
  • Charts
  • Popularity


There are a lot of different integration points and possibilites with InfoCaption

  • SingleSignOn to easily manage user rights, individual tracking and personal information like for example favorites.
  • Search enginges can be integrated via Open Search or API.
  • Create and insert guides from various platforms, for example ITSM
  • Insert guides and search pages directly into the application through Help Routes for a dynamic handling.
  • Import and export of SCORM-objects.


It is possible to limit access to guides and servers/search pages in several different ways depending on need..

Limit server/search page access based on:

  • IP number
  • User login


Limit access to specific guides  through restrictions or passwords. Examples of different types of restrictions:

  • IP number
  • User login (or depending on group)
  • Guides to be opened from a specific search page

Release notes

Raise the understanding of release notes by recorded guides.