InfoCaption's three modules

InfoCaption is made up of three modules. The base module, Guide, is the tool to create, share and find guides. Track is an additional module that gives the opportunity to create and follow up courses. The Process module makes it possible to describe the organization through processes maps.
With all three modules together, you get an unique platform for everything from faster support to structured learning, and living processes.



The guides are the core of InfoCaption

InfoCaptions e-guides is a cost-effective tool for, e.g., internal education or customer support. It also helps the ones who want to share their knowledge to do so. At the same time, the guides helps those whom look for information to find it, and presents it in an easily understandable way.
The guides can consist of text and images, screen recordings or pre-recorded videos. They can be in the form of knowledge tests or handbooks – It is all about what you want to mediate.
With the guides, you can inform new users of how to use a system, or as support for experienced users that need help with a work-related task.

Created by those who know

We at InfoCaption do not believe in advanced tools that only a few in the organisation has access to. It should be easy to explain something with a guide. Therefore, our licence model is designed in a way that makes it easy to get new producers started.

For those who need to know

The material can help the co-workers to do their assignments and to get to know the workplace routines. When it is something you need to know, you can easily find what is documented on search pages, portals or by direct links.


Ensure the level of knowledge

Make sure the users have the adequate knowledge before they get access to a certain IT system.

From course to handbook

After a completed course, it can be possible for the users to reach the material again - if it gets published on a search page, or by giving them the direct link. The users will feel safe all the time, because they know that what they have just learned is accessible as support if needed.

Import courses

Import already produced e-learning courses in SCORM-format and follow up on individual level.


View course statistics

Put together a couple of guides and a knowledge test to a course. You can later do follow-ups on views and test results on an individual level.


Created by the ones who know

Just like with the guides we think it is important that the process of creating processes is smooth and easy. InfoCaption’s licencing model makes it possible for those who actually knows how the process works to draw it – the organisation gets to describe it self!

Living processes

InfoCaption’s processes will not turn into just a document in a folder and you do not need to think about how they are saved or presented. They are created directly in the web browser and are published in a searchable interface. From the interface they are also easy to edit if you att some point wold like to change something in them.

Easy to share

Each InfoCaption process has a unique link. With this you can easily share the processes in emails and on websites, and integrate them in for example the organisation’s intranet.


Shows what to do and how to do it

By linking guides or other types of information to each activity the employes get knowledge support directly in the process – just where they need it. In that way the processes become extra useful: they will not only tell you what to do but they will also show, step by step, how to do it.